RemarkaMobile Review: Is Remarkamobile Legit?

RemarkaMobile LogoIf you have been seeing information about how you can make up to $7,532 per month with less than 100 customers with RemarkaMobile and you are interested in finding out more then you have come to the right page.

On this page, you will discover everything you need to know about this company and their products so that you can figure out whether this is for you or not.

What Is RemarkaMobile?

RemarkaMobile is a high-powered mobile marketing system that was created by Andrew Cass and Michael Force, two very well-known and successful names in the home based business industry.

This all-in-one marketing system allows its users to marketing through text messages (SMS and MMS), email, voice broadcasts, instant messaging, and social media.


Why Use RemarkaMobile?

When email marketing first hit the scene, it was hot! People were super excited to be receive message in their inbox.  Reading email became a fad. Open rates for emails were 80-90%!

Then came spam and junk mail.  As a result, people are way less likely to open emails that they aren’t expecting.  And as a result, less than 2% of email that are sent are read. But almost 100% of all text messages that are sent out are opened!

And if you realize the significance of that then you can see why text messaging system can benefit your business.

And you can use RemarkaMobile like an autoresponder such as GVO, Aweber, and GetResponse.

Who Can Use the RemarkaMobile system?

1. Brick and Mortar businesses
These guys are always looking for a way to get more and more repeat customers.

2. People with large teams
What better way is there to send out quick reminders to your team than a text message?

3. Internet Marketers
As cell phone technology increases and smartphones grow in numbers, less and less people are using email.



RemarkaMobile Compensation Plan

How you get paid with RemarkaMobile is extremely simple.  There is no complex compensation plan you need to figure out.  There aren’t a bunch off different levels to worry about.

As an affiliate, you make 100% commissions on every sale. There are no passups.

Here are two products that you can receive 100% commissions from:
1. mCommerce mobile marketing system ($29 per month)
This is the all-in-one mobile marketing system that allows you to communicate with your prospects.

2. mCommerce Inner Circle ($59 per month)
The Inner Circle gives you access to exclusive insider access to a unique group of marketers who privately meet each week to discuss tips and strategies that relate to Mobile Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Offline Marketing strategies.

So if you use, then you can use $88 per month when you purchase.

How Can I Make $7,532 per month?

Statistically, eigthy percent of the people who join the mCommerce marketing system also join the Inner Circle.  So let’s say you refer 99 customers to us. You would make $29 per month x 99 ($2,871) and in addition to that, you’d be making $59 per month x 79 ($4,661).

That’s a grand total of $7,532 per month with less than  100 customers!

How Can I Become A Reseller?
To be a reseller of the system, you must activate an affiliate account.

The cost to be an affiliate is $24 per month.  This covers the cost of your overhead such as customer service, website upgrades, and system upgrades.



So if you recognize the power of mobile marketing and you to take advantage of this growing wave of eCommerce, then take the Remarkamobile test drive today!

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RemarkaMobile Review: Is Remarkamobile Legit?
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  1. Nate

    1. Are you still doing Remarkable and is it working for you?

    2. Is the Company Solid, meaning will it be around for the next 5 years at least??

    Please get back to me as soon as possible via email.


  2. Nate, great article on RemarkaMobile, its products and the awesome opportunity! As an active affiliate of the product and company, I can say without mental reservation or hesiatation that being able to offer a like-minded person an opportunity to make 100% commissions as well as market to small, medium, and large businesses is a blessing. All you need is a product, marketing system, and positive cash-flow and you are there. This company gets it! Thanks for sharing, Nate. Peace.

    Jimmie Wilks
    RemarkaMobile Affiliate (Inner Circle)

  3. how do you get paid with this company?

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