Who Is This Nate Falconer guy?

I am just a regular guy determined to use his God-given potential to create a positive difference in my life and the lives of everyone I come in contact with.

I’m a first generation American. The son of two Jamaican parents. They didn’t have much. My father didn’t finish his education in Jamaica.  He had to stop going to school in order to work in the fields and help provide for the family.  My mother didn’t finish her education in Jamaica either and wasn’t able to do so until she got to America.

They didn’t have much education.  They didn’t have much money.  But they did all they could to provide a good life for me.

So with my parents being immigrants to the United States, all they ever heard was that you need a good education to get a great job and create a nice living. And so they drilled that theory into me and my other siblings.

And I bought into it…

So I did the best I could do in school. And the end of my journey resulted in graduating from my university with honors.

But in the context of this blog, I am an internet entrepreneur in the home based business industry.

I wish I could tell you that I’ve been a huge success ever since I first came into this industry. But actually, I was far from it!  I failed miserably my first 2 years in business.   I was trying to build my business off hype and had no results to back it up.  I had no skills.

But I was determined not to quit.  I was determined to find a way.  So I hopped on the internet in search for a solution and boy did it change my life!

That is when I stumbled onto a few select people on the internet.  And what was so appealing about them was that they were all using the internet to build their business!

So I completely stopped building my business and devoted myself to becoming a student of attraction marketing.

For over a  year, I became a student of online marketing and learned many, many tips, strategies, and secrets for creating an income online. And not just with network marketing and direct sales!

So this blog is dedicated to sharing the information, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insights, and many of the strategies I have learned and continue to learn.

Take the time to comb through the information on this blog because I can promise you that the content on these pages will have a profound effect on the steps you take to create true freedom in your life.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter and add me to your Facebook!   Hopefully, we will be speaking soon.

Yours In Success,

Nate Falconer
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